Year: 2016

Second Session Registration Day!

Business and Entrepreneurship: Registration  Day Medicine and Healthcare: Registration Day Reg Day is in full swing! Second session at UW has officially began! #nslcheal #nslcbusi #nslcsummer […]

Clinical Round and Final Presentations

Today students meet with their patients for the last time during the clinical diagnostic simulation! #NSLCHEAL — NSLC HEAL (@NSLCHEAL_UW) July 27, […]

Microsoft Visit

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

This morning, #NSLCHEAL students are touring the @GatesVC! #thisispublichealth — NSLC HEAL (@NSLCHEAL_UW) July 26, 2016

Commitment in Action

Baker’s dozen “commitment in action” 1/2 #NSLCBUSI — NSLCatUW BUSI (@NSLCBUSIUW) July 26, 2016 RoJo’s Mojos “commitment in action” #NSLCBUSI — […]

Dissecting Hearts and Eyeballs

A Day in the Operating Room

We will be sending live updates from Dr. Parsioon’s final medical simulation, “A Day in the Operating Room” — NSLC HEAL (@NSLCHEAL_UW) […]

Visiting the Seattle Mariners Safeco Field

Art of Negotiation

Students learn the art of negotiations with their TA Roselynne! — NSLCatUW BUSI (@NSLCBUSIUW) July 24, 2016 More pictures of the students […]


Students of #NSLCHEAL have a clear vision on how to dissect eyes — NSLC HEAL (@NSLCHEAL_UW) July 24, 2016 It’s been a […]