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Game Jam | Video

During the duration of the session, the Game Design students have been creating their very own games! Each student played an important role […]

Trauma Rotations | Video

The Medicine & Health Care students participated in a half dozen different trauma care exercises. They learned how to apply a tourniquet, dress […]

Dissections & Suturing | Video

The Medicine & Health Care students got some hands on experience dissecting a cow eye and sheep’s heart. In addition, they also learned […]

Fashion Show w/ Dr. C | Video

After completing their two lecturers on marketing, Dr. C tasked the Business & Entrepreneurship students with a fashion show. Split into teams, they […]

Product Pitch Simulation | Video

Throughout the past week, the Business & Entrepreneurship students have worked together in three different teams to create a product, accompanied by a […]

Audio Impact | Video

The Game Design students got an ear opening experience in everything sound and all that goes into the listening side of an impactful […]

Critical Care in the Air | Video

The Medicine & Health Care students had the unique opportunity of boarding a medical helicopter and learn more about it’s purpose from the […]

Crisis Management with Dr. C | Video

The Business & Entrepreneurship students worked in their product teams to manage a crisis, supplied by Dr. C. The exercise helped students understand […]

Pipeline & Pitching | Video

During the course of the entire session, the Game Design students will be creating their very own games. Pipeline and Pitching is designed […]

#NSLCENVI learns Biogeochemistry with Dr. Butman