Welcome to NSLC at the University of Washington! We are so excited to get our first session started. Here is a look at our 2018 staff. Be sure to follow along with our Instagram content @NSLCatUW and use #NSLCatUW to join the conversation.


Medicine & Health Care program staff. Say hi to Breana, Payson, Donny, Ashley, Priya, Hannah, Molly, Erin and Tope. Follow along online with #NSLCHEAL.


Environmental Science & Sustainability program staff. Say hi to Natalie, Jacob, Matt, Dylan, Katie, and Lauren! Follow along online with #NSLCENVI.

Business & Entrepreneurship program staff. Here we have Brandon, Peter, Sam, Cole, and Stephanie. Follow along online with #NSLCBUSI.


Our office staff. Say hi to Erika, Eryicka, Travis, Jaden, and Sarah!


The administrative staff. Say hello to Eryicka, Brandon, Erika, Dylan, Hannah, and Sam!

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