Category: High School Programs

Game Jam | Video

During the duration of the session, the Game Design students have been creating their very own games! Each student played an important role […]

Public Health Debate

At the beginning of the week the Medicine & Health Care students were broken into groups and given a stance on a public […]

Burke Center for Entrepreneurship

The Business and Entrepreneurship students received some insider information of UW’s Burke Center for Entrepreneurship within the Foster School of Business, from Assistant […]

Guest Speaker Round Table

The Game Design students participated in a panel revolving around the idea of how to break into the industry. The panel consisted of: […]

Commitment in Action

The Medicine & Health Care students were tasked with committing to action while making their way down the line. More times than not, […]

Field Trip: Microsoft

The Business & Entrepreneurship program took a trip over to Microsoft’s visitor center. There they got the chance to experience all the products […]

Trauma Rotations | Video

The Medicine & Health Care students participated in a half dozen different trauma care exercises. They learned how to apply a tourniquet, dress […]

Stakeholder Simulation Prep

Throughout the week in their TA groups, the Business & Entrepreneurship students have been working through what it takes to run an “existing” […]

343 Industries Tour

The Game Design program swung over to Redmond, WA to visit 343 Industries. There, they had the opportunity to learn more about the […]

Marketing Yourself

The Game Design students learned some valuable knowledge about how to promote themselves within the game industry. They even mocked up some business […]