Category: Game Design

Game Jam | Video

During the duration of the session, the Game Design students have been creating their very own games! Each student played an important role […]

Guest Speaker Round Table

The Game Design students participated in a panel revolving around the idea of how to break into the industry. The panel consisted of: […]

343 Industries Tour

The Game Design program swung over to Redmond, WA to visit 343 Industries. There, they had the opportunity to learn more about the […]

Marketing Yourself

The Game Design students learned some valuable knowledge about how to promote themselves within the game industry. They even mocked up some business […]

Pipeline and Pitching

In their teams, the Game Design students pitched their different game ideas that they plan to execute during the remainder of the program. […]

Game Design 101

The Game Design students learned about the history of video games and gained an understanding of how studios operate within the industry. They […]

Rapid Prototyping Workshop

Imagine getting a tabletop game and being challenged to create something something completely different from the original game. That is what the Game […]

The Game Room

For the final social, the Game Design program turned one of the side rooms into a game room. This gave all students and […]

Big Fish Games Tour

The Game Design program went into downtown Seattle to visit Big Fish Games. There, they had the opportunity to learn more about the […]

Audio Impact | Video

The Game Design students got an ear opening experience in everything sound and all that goes into the listening side of an impactful […]