Category: Daily Program Update

Personality Matrix

The Medicine & Health Care students had their first session with leadership facilitator, Selena Brown. During this session they explored different personality types […]

Rapid Prototyping Workshop

With the guidance of tabletop game designer, Emma Larkins, the Game students were tasked were redesigning an established game to create something completely […]

Business Management

The Business & Entrepreneurship students had their first session with Dr. Carrie Colbert. They explored some fundamentals of management and participated in an […]

Session One: Registration Day

The National Student Leadership Conference has officially begun here at the University of Washington! With that said, registration and opening ceremony went swimmingly!

Closing Day

The last day of NSLC at the University of Washington for 2018 is finally here. We are sad to see the students go […]

Our Last Full Day

The last full day of NSLC Medicine & Health Care at the University of Washington for 2018 has finally come! Today, students… presented […]

Surgical Rounds

Saturday morning was spent learning how to use sutures to create various stitching patterns, as well as dissecting cow¬†eyes and sheep hearts to […]

Basic Life Support/Trauma Simulation

Medicine & Health Care held a variety of simulations throughout the afternoon to acquaint students with emergency scene safety, splints, tourniquets, impalement¬†stabilization and […]

Airlift Northwest

On Friday morning, Dr. Claire Nordeen arranged for some Airlift Northwest colleagues to meet with the Medicine & Health Care students for a […]

CPR Training

On Thursday morning, various Seattle-area firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and doctors visited with Medicine & Health Care students to teach them high-quality CPR. View […]